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Prices, Bank Holidays and Cancellations

As all journeys vary and are so different depending on starting destination and end destination it is impossible to give set pricing online but if you call the office on 01444 243380 or 01273 915508 you will be able to get an accurate price to suit your requirements.

However, here are some details that may help when asking for a quote.

General Enquiries

When quoting for a general enquiry we need:

  • Date of Trip
  • Time you would like to be collected
  • Destination Address (including Postcode)
  • Time that you need to be at your destination
  • How many passengers?

  • Return Time, if applicable
  • Confirmation of return pick up address
  • Any additional stops on the way there or back?

If travelling with children:

  • Do you require car seats?

Airport Trips

When quoting for an airport trip we require: 

  • Date of Travel
(Please give day, date, month and year)
  • Collection Address
  • Collection Time (in 24 hour clock)
  • Airport Name
  • Terminal
  • How many passengers?
  • How much luggage?
  • Do you require car seats?
  • Return Date if applicable

If booking a return journey:
  • Return Date 
(Please check this when flying at night time to ensure transport is booked for the correct day)
  • Return Time (in 24 hour clock)
  • Airport Name
  • Terminal
  • Return Flight Number
  • Where you are flying from?
  • How many passengers?
  • How much luggage?
  • Do you require car seats?
  • Destination Address

London Day Trips

  • Prices for London day trips include up to 12 hours (including waiting time) from the time you are picked up to the time you are dropped back.
  • Congestion Charges and Tolls are added to the price if applicable.
  • If your day goes over the allotted 12 hours any additional time will be charged at an hourly waiting time rate

Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays are charged at time and a half, except Christmas Day which is charged at double time.

Bank Holidays for  2020 are:


1 January                  Wednesday            New Year’s Day (from midnight New Year's Eve)

10 April                    Friday                     Good Friday

13 April                    Monday                 Easter Monday

4 May                      Monday                 Early May bank holiday

25 May                    Monday                 Early May bank holiday

31 August                Monday                 Summer bank holiday

25 December          Saturday                Christmas Day

26 December          Sunday                  Boxing Day

28 December           Monday                Boxing Day Holiday


Cancellations within 72 hours of the booking will be charged. 

  • 25% within 72 hours
  • 50% within 48 hours 
  • 100% within 24 hours 
This is at the Director’s discretion. 

Coronavirus Cancellation Terms: Unfortunately, due to the current situation with the coronavirus, travel and a lot of flights are impacted and this has resulted in a high volume of cancellations. We are usually very flexible with the cancellation policy and where we can we try to reduce or eradicate the cancellation fee. However, during this time we are going to have to enforce the cancellation policy to all our clients. We understand it can be a very difficult time when plans are changed last minute and don’t wish to add further upset but as a small business we must ensure that our policies are in line with current affairs to ensure we can continue to run a smooth and reliable service that takes care of our clients as well as our drivers.

Cancellation Fees:

Cancellations within 72 hours of the booking will be charged.

25% within 72 hours

50% within 48 hours

100% within 24 hours

Please keep in touch with your airline or travel provided to keep up to date with details about your flight and any possible changes or cancellations and let us know about any changes as soon as possible.

You can go to to get the latest information regarding 

the countries you are travelling to and from.

We also encourage you, where possible, to obtain travel insurance so you can recuperate any possible losses.