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Into Europe Service

Since 2002 various times we have been asked to cater for people travelling in to Europe. This includes Spain, France, Germany, Amsterdam and various other locations for a whole different range of reasons. There are various ways of transporting you or your belongings where they need to go we can take our car, hire a car or take your car. We have also driven client's cars from the UK to their holiday home destination and flown back to the UK so that the owner has their vehicle during their stay and on an arranged date flew back over to drive the car back.

Previous trips include (but are not limited to):

  • Driving a retired gentleman round Spain and France
  • Taking a gentleman over to Germany for him to close down his office and relocate to the UK
  • The collection of people's good and products
  • Transporting people’s children who have been unable to fly
  • Taking football supporters to matches
  • Reuniting dogs with their owners who are holidaying
  • Reuniting owners with the cars while on long vacation
  • We even had enquiries when the volcano erupted a few years ago which led to the cancellation of all flights. Had the ferries been running we would have driven over to collect people trying to make it home

Costing and Pricing:

When in one of our own vehicles we charge per mile to cover fuel and any addition hours over a 12 hour period. If hiring a car we are able to hire a vehicle and deliver the vehicle this is done on a working hourly fee. In your own car pricing is done on an hourly fee based on the driver’s time.

We are able to book ferries, Eurotunnel, flights and sort out all route, maps and time planning.

All expenses and accommodation for drivers would need to be reimbursed, or there is the option for you to book and pay for these yourself. We always make sure we book suitable but cost effective accommodation on route.

All clients have different ideas as to how fuel should be paid. Please ask for further information and options.

Dress Code:

Dress code would need to be discussed with each client prior to booking.

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